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Lets see the World

First off, thumbs up for the re-use of this photo. I think I took this about 4 years ago...
Oh well, it fits the situation! As that's pretty much what I've been doing in January, sat at my laptop and planning my way through 2018, now hailed as "the year of travel!"
I was supposed to keep it to just a couple of places this year but instead, I've decided to go for it and I'm now finding myself finishing off the booking process for my fifth trip of the year! The first on the list? A personal bucket-list place of mine - Iceland!
I'm so excited to visit this extraordinary country and it's stunning can't find anywhere else views, it's been a dream of mine for so long to visit! Northern Lights here I come (hopefully) So keep your eyes peeled boys and girls, my camera is going to be well and truly battered while I'm there and I expect this trip to span across a lot more than a couple of posts. It may well take me until my next trip to get them all up! (Which is LA, for any of you who are wondering. Another exciting one!)
Now to browse the internet for my 6th trip...

Back with a BANG!

So I haven't posted in here since 2015 and it's nearly 2018... Whoops.

Well, guess what? I'm back. And I'm back with so much exciting stuff planned for the year ahead! I have so much travel planned, ideas to work through and most importantly, my photography to share. I always said I would never post on here unless I wanted to. That I would never pressure myself to post just for the sake of it. Unfortunately, though I also didn't really push myself to post at least SOMETHING either. So for 2018, I'm going to aim to bring this little space of mine back from the dead and see if I can't get this place back to where it was.

So, I wish everyone a smooth and happy transition into the new year and I shall leave you with a few of my favorite snaps of 2017! Eee you on the other side shortly.


I realised when looking through some of my posts the other day, that I don't really feature myself much on this here blog of mine. I know that I mainly started this space as a place for my Photography, and anything else I want to put on here, so naturally I would be behind the camera more often than not, but it's still nice for people who read your stuff to put a face to it all!
So I thought I would take the opportunity on a "nothing-to-do-Sunday" and mess around with my camera on my new tripod and take a few snaps of myself! Plus I was having a good hair day. You know how it is.

Look at me go!

I think my eyes might be my favourite feature of my face. Is that okay? Are you allowed to have a favourite feature of yourself? Haha. Oh well, I do! I think they look nice on camera and they are always what I focus on when doing my makeup!